Sunday, 10 August 2014

Studio Calico (and others) Stamp Sale!!

Hi all,

I'm back again with yet another clear out of some of my Studio Calico (and others) stamps, most of which have never been touched!!

Each stamp will be listed below along with the price (in UK pounds) and what condition it is in. Stamps will be sold on a first come, first served basis as this is fairest. Please email if you would like to buy any!

Postage will depend on how many stamps are purchased but a single stamp (depending on size) will be around £1/£1.50. I'm happy to post worldwide.

All payments are to be via Paypal and buyer must pay the fees.

I will not be able to sort and post any of these until the weekend due to work and family commitments.

Thanks for looking :)


Kelly Purkey La Vie Est Belle Stamp £8

Kelly Purkey Happiness Right Here Stamp £8

Bundle of 10 Bananafish Studio Stamps including Yum, Pin It, Take A Look, Tres Jolie, Love Heart, Take Note & Heart, Arrow, Love It!, Heart Globe, Today, Take Note and Straight to My Heart £12

Stamp Sets

Kelly Purkey - Rad Stamp Set £9 (brand new)

Kelly Purkey - Hey, Hi and Hello There Simon Says Stamp Exclusive Stamp Set £12 (brand new)

Studio Calico Heydey Sentiments Stamp Set £9 (brand new)

Studio Calico Sam Alpha Stamp Set £9 (brand new)

Studio Calico Please Note Stamp Set £8 (1 stamp is used)

All the following stamps are from Studio Calico kits and add ons.

Starburst Mini Stamp from Partly Sunny kit £5 (used)

Moon Mini Stamp from Paper Moon kit £5 (used)

Dog Mini Stamp from Space Cowboy add on kit £5 (used)

Roller Stamp from Story Hour kit (exclusive to Studio Calico) £6 (used)

Mini 'True Story' Stamp Set from Sock Hop kit £5 (used)

Hey Girl Min Stamp Set from So Cal kit £6 (brand new)

Keep Calm and Snap On Stamp from Photo Booth add on kit £8 (used)

Weekdays Stamp Set from Central High kit £8 (brand new)

One Perfect Day Stamp Set from Neverland Project Life kit £8 (brand new)

Amy Tan Exclusive Week Stamp Set from Planetatium Project Life kit £8 (brand new)

Kal Barteski Stamp Set from Marks & Co Project Life kit £8 (brand new)

Date Stamp Set from Antiquary Project Life kit £8 (brand new)

Amy Tan Exclusive Home Is... Stamp Set from Cuppa Project Life kit £8 (brand new)

Lili Niclass Exclusive Stamp Set from Blue Note Project Life kit £8 (brand new)

In A Creative Bubble Exclusive Stamp Set from Earl Grey add on kit £8 (brand new)

Exclusive Hello Forever 4x6 Stamp Set from Dublin add on £12 (brand new)

Edinburgh Stamp add on £12 (brand new)

LifeLovePaper Exclusive Stamp Set from Steinbeck add on kit £8 (brand new)

Bunny Ears from Exclusive Easter Card Set £5 (brand new)

U R Special / Keep Shining Exclusive Member Stamp £8 (brand new)

Oh The Places You'll Go Stamp Set from Matthew add on kit £9 (brand new)

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